About Vismaya

Vismaya – Photography for Cause

Vismaya – ‘Be pleasantly surprised !’

Inspired with the thought to use photography to help the needy and bring smiles to their faces, “Vismaya” was born. We are a team of photography enthusiasts who have set ourselves on a mission of lending a helping hand to the ones in need using our pursuits in photography.

Team Vismaya is a group of working professionals with diverse backgrounds ranging from technical management to information technology with photography as our common interest. Amidst our busy work schedules, we commit our spare time for pursuing our interest in photography. With the theme “Photography for Cause” we believe we have brought together a dream to nurture our talent and also support social cause.

The journey we embarked on seven years ago to hone our skills in clicking, has yielded these photographs in Vismaya Collections. Our mission is to promote contributions to organizations committed to serve human cause. We hold joint events along with partnering organizations to generate funds for specific causes through Exhibitions of Photos from Vismaya Collection. Selected photos from Vismaya Collection are offered at cost of production with no monetary benefits to Vismaya artists. During the exhibitions, people can make qualifying donations to the partnering organization towards the cause and can take home a framed Vismaya Picture. Vismaya Collections are printed on highest quality paper using world class high precision printers to last a lifetime.

Vismaya team has so far conducted four major Photo Exhibitions. The first exhibition, Vismaya Kiranah, was held in 2012  in partnership with Swasthi Contemporary Art Gallery & HCG Foundation. Three exhibitions, Vismaya Varshini, were held in 2013, 2014 & in 2015 in partnership with Rotary International, Bangalore West Club. All these photo exhibitions were grand successes with over 400 pictures taken by the donors and a lot more benefiting from these efforts. We deeply appreciate and thank all the donors for their broad minded gesture of good heart.

We further intend to build our activities around enhancing and imparting knowledge of photography, use images to promote conservation and create photographs that promote social change. The team also encourages budding photographers by sharing their photography knowledge through image critic, interactive shoot-outs and guest lectures.

We solicit your help to reach out while we look forward to contribute and progress with our mission.

The team has traveled widely in and around Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

A brief profile of the Vismaya Team follows.

Amar Bhaskar


A management executive by profession, Amar’s passion for photography has driven him to capture precious moments in time. Watching nature through the lens has been his most thrilling and satisfying experience. Apart from nature, he has been actively pursuing and clicking images of ancient architecture. Amar is also passionate about volunteering for worthwhile causes and spends considerable amount of time nurturing a group called “Pink Hope” in Health Care Global, connecting anxious patients to people who have won over Cancer.

When it comes to photography, he is disciplined about his approach and critical about his work so that only the best of his pictures see the light. Here is a small collection of his pictures.



Venugopal Thantry

Venu got interested in photographic art and technique when he saw stunning images of renowned photographers in Kannada weekly magazine ‘Sudha’, way back in seventies and used to eagerly wait for getting the weekly magazine. He used to wonder how they captured those pictures! Interested in all kinds of photography, his heart lies in pictorial photography which provides freedom to mix and match elements and colors on the frame just like a painter. While appreciating nature, he uses this media to expose beautiful things of nature.   Engineer by profession, he picked up his hobby during his college days but shelved it as he was not able to cope with it and later due to work pressure which is of technical nature. Ironically he has started the same hobby as ”stress buster” which keeps him away from hectic work. Whole hearted support from the family has made his hobby more enjoyable.

Murali Santhanam


Murali Santhanam has retired from his career spanning Banking and Information Technology. His interest in photography was kindled during his early ages by a book titled “Kodak Camera Guide” which he preserves even today. While his initial interest in photography was in Nature photography, he had later done some significant work in the areas of Heritage Architecture and Travel. Over a period of time, he had developed his own style creating simplified pictures with fewer elements. He also believes in using latest techniques in photo capturing and post-processing to create near life reproduction of the scenes. Some of the techniques that he regularly uses are HDR, Focus Stacking and Exposure Blending. He loves taking pictures in night and blue hour.

Here are some of his works.

Sisir Kumar

Sisir Kumar is a Resource Management professional and is passionate about photographing nature, places of interest and monuments. He is a keen macro photographer with avid interests in nature and architecture. Sisir experiments with long exposures and night photography applying techniques in capturing everyday moments of nature.

He also specializes in experimenting with rarely used combinations of gadgets in taking his pictures. Here is some of his works.

Goutham Ramesh


An Information Technology Architect by profession, he took keen interest in photography right from his student days and has gone through many different and often obsessive phases of photographing subjects like macro, nature, travel and people. He likes to call his work “Canvas of Light” and uses light as an important aspect of his images. He  is at his best when he photographs landscapes and architecture. His Macro images are also outstanding.


Harish Rao

A software consultant by profession, he got inspired into photography by the work of Michael Melford, the numero uno Nat Geo photographer. Harish spends a significant amount of his free time capturing the minute details of nature through a macro lens and the beautiful colors and expressions of the birds through the long lens. He enjoys this new found passion and tries to practice the innovative techniques of indoor and outdoor photography that other experienced photographers are using around the world.

Sridhar Thantry

Sridhar Tantry, a retired Bank professional, more a photo enthusiast than a photographer. Attracted and Influenced into the photography by his elder brother, believes that good photograph is the one when a photographer views the subject differently and able to picturise it through the camera. Happy to be with the Vismaya team and enjoys the company,skills and perceptions of team members.


Vinod Balan


Born and brought up in the folds of Nilgiri mountains, his relationship with nature is deep rooted. He works in a high pressure IT Audit profession, and making images is something that takes him away into his own world. Photographing nature has always been Balan”s passion. He believes in experiencing nature before framing it into a photograph, thereby, trying to capture beyond what is visible and intends to get the viewer an exotic view of the nature. Balan”s photography are a play in between light and dark, capturing the character and emotions of the scenes he photographs. His photographs are captured keeping a balance between painting and a photograph with an intention of transforming his common subjects into an abstract frame of depth. The online magazine Earth Shots (http://earthshots.org) which attracts thousands of viewers every day, has published his images thrice as photographs of the day. His images are regularly posted and discussed on some of the largest online photo magazines like Nature Photographers” Net ( http://naturephotographers.net). His images have also been published by BBC News Website under the column “Viewer”s images”.