Kiranah 2017 – Brighten the lives of children

We cordially invite all to the Kiranah 2017 Photo Exhibition and Donation Drive to be held at Chitrakala Parishath from December 15 to 17, 2017. The event is organized jointly by HCG Foundation, Hope is a great healer, Swasti, The Contemporary Art Gallery and Vismaya, Photography for cause.

Everyone needs a hope of tomorrow, especially the young and innocent children caught in the clutches of cancer. Kiranah 2017 aims to bring the sunshine into the lives of these children and the ones who love them.

An Exhibition for Cause

Kiranah 2017 is a Photo Exhibition for cause aimed at driving a donation drive for funding the cost of treatment of some of kids suffering from Cancer. The photographs on display are the unique works of Vismaya team and members of Swasti Contemporary Art Gallery donated to HCG Foundation to raise funds. We request you to enjoy the photographs that were never sold to public. What is more you can take home some of them by paying a qualifying donation to the HCG Foundation.

The pictures are printed on very high visibility Canvas media and coated with protective spray to remain resplendent for many years to come. When they adorn the walls of your home, they will keep reminding you of your great deed. 

More than 40,000 children in India are being diagnosed with Cancer every year. Not many can afford the costs of treatment. HCG Foundation runs many initiatives to raise funds through donation to save the life of such children.

These children need a ray of hope. We request you to provide one.