Varshini 2018 – Pour your Help

Varshini 2018

We cordially invite all to the Vismaya Varshini  2018 Photo Exhibition and Donation Drive to be held at Chitrakala Parishath on November 17 & 18, 2018. The event is organized jointly by Rotary Bangalore West and Vismaya, Photography for cause.

Gods have been crazy. Rains descended on earth like not seen in the recent times and filled the earth with water. Rotary Bangalore West and Vismaya would be happy to be deluded by similar benevolence from you and your friends.

You can Contribute More than You Think

The Varshini 2018 is a Photo Exhibition for cause aimed at collecting funds for the numerous programs, spread across education and healthcare, run by Rotary Bangalore West. Vismaya is a group of photographers who have come forward to offer their best of photographs, taken after spending hours of time, to be offered as a token of appreciation to donors like you.

Here are some of the initiatives of Rotary Bangalore West that can benefit from your benevolence:

  • Vidya Mitra – A program to take high quality education to places deprived of adequate teachers – Find more…
  • Cardiac Care – Coronary problems have continued to haunt India and the needy ones need a helping hand to live – Find more…
  • Nephrological Nemesis – No other disease demands as much constant medical attendance as the ones related to Nephrology. Cheaper, clean, affordable and caring Dialysis Centres keep the poor alive – Find more…
  • Eye Care – One of the longest running programs of Rotary, this program continues to open the eyes and broaden the vision of many – Find more…

What is more, every donation that you caringly make multiplies at the hands of institutional and International donors, helping Rotary to take the benefit to more and more people. In addition to the pride and goodness-feel, you can also take back with you, a Limited Edition Vismaya picture that can adorn your walls or be gifted to others.

The Vismaya pictures are designed to last a life time by use of high visibility Canvas media with special protective coating over the picture. 

Help us multiply our reach !